Where to Sell Gold Locally in Baton Rouge

Where to Sell Gold in Baton Rouge

We Buy Gold Baton RougeIf you’ve been wondering where to sell gold in Baton Rouge because you don’t want to mail your gold off to some company that you really don’t know anything about, then what are your options?

In Baton Rouge you have a lot of places you can sell your gold – most pawn shops in Baton Rouge will buy your gold, many coin shops buy gold in Baton Rouge, some local jewelry stores will buy your old gold, there are the new “We Buy Gold” stores that specialize in buying gold, and you could even host or attend a gold selling party in Baton Rouge. How much more local can you get than your own living room?

List of Places to Sell Gold in Baton Rouge

In this article we’ll explore some of the local options you have that are closer to home for turning your old gold into cash

One of the first places you may think of when you want to sell your gold is a local pawn shop. There is usually one nearby and they take almost anything of value. If you have gold pieces that are broken or damaged in some way, you can usually sell them as scrap gold at many pawn shops.

A possible drawback to selling your gold at the first pawn shop you go to is that you may or may not get the best price for your gold that way. (Of course, this may apply to any store your go to with gold to sell.) Like all retail stores, and “We Buy Gold” stores, pawn shops make their money be re-selling the gold items or scrap gold that they purchase from you.

So, it really depends on which pawn shop you go to, some pawn shops in Baton Rouge pay a lot more for your gold than others. You just need to check around to see how much they are paying.

You’ll always get a better price for your gold items if you are well-informed about the gold market, what a gold karat is, what the gold weights mean in relation to the global market price for gold is, and what all the gold terminology means. (See the links at the end of this article for more information.)

“We Buy Gold” retail outlets have come on the scene in Baton Rouge and across the nation recently, in response to the rapid rise in the price of gold along with the deterioration of the economy. We Buy Gold stores in Baton Rouge are in the business of buying gold (and in some cases silver as well) from the public. You can find a Baton Rouge We Buy Gold store in many of the shopping centers and malls in the Baton Rouge area.

Some Baton Rouge jewelry stores buy gold as well. If you’re selling gold jewelry that also has gemstones in it, you might get a better price at a Baton Rouge area jewelry store. A jewelry store is more likely to also pay you for the gemstone as well as the gold content. Many “we buy gold” stores and other locations that buy gold do not pay for gemstones, (mainly because they are not qualified to tell if the stone is genuine or not.)

Don’t forget that some major Baton Rouge coin shops buy gold also.

Finding out where to sell gold locally in Baton Rouge may seem like quite a task with all the options available, but there’s one more place that you might not have thought of. You can sell gold right in your own home when you host a gold selling party with a local gold buying business. There are Baton Rouge gold buying businesses and other gold buying companies that are now offering to come to you to buy your old gold.

Just like hosting any other type of home party, like Tupperware parties, you would invite as many guests as possible and earn host rewards. Some gold buying party companies offer as much as 10% of the party sales back to you in cash, as well as 3% of other parties that are booked from your party. With some gold parties bringing in as much as $4500 in sales, that could mean a lot of money to you without you even selling a thing.

It’s worth repeating that they best way to make sure you’re getting the most money for your gold when you selling it is by being knowledgeable about the gold buying and selling business.

Three key things to know are

1. What is a gold karat?
2. How do you weigh gold to figure out how much it’s worth at today’s gold price?
3. What do all those gold terms mean?

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